About Us


1971 saw the beginning of the antique restoration business for Bob Depenbrok. A friend of Bob’s, Don McGuire, had a collection of National Cash Registers and Bob’s interest in owning one of his own grew into the business it is today. Bob purchased a model 313 National Cash Register, restored it and decided to sell the register at the Rose Bowl Swap Meet in Pasadena California. Everyone who saw the restored register wanted his or her own register repaired or restored. Bob and friends, Patrick and Don McGuire, decided to open a store in 1975, to handle the lucrative restoration business that developed out of that one trip to the Rose Bowl. The first store was called Country Road Antiques.
In 1978 they added slot machine repair and changed the name to “The Vintage Cash Register and Slot Machine Co.” The store moved to North Hollywood California and this new location attracted movie stars, like Steve McQueen, who asked them to restore some balance scales, “The Vintage Cash Register and Scale Co.” was born. 

To place an order Contact Bob at 818-896-8539